Swim Central is our whole of sport administration system for both Committee/Board and club members.

Need help with Swim Central?

You can access illustrated help guides on the Swim Central Support Centre. This is your go-to one stop shop for everything you need to know about Swim Central.

Swimming NSW Specific Help Guides

Active Kids Vouchers Transfers and Upgrades

Linking my club’s membership products to the Active Kids Program.

Approving Active Kids Vouchers.

How to set up a Secondary Membership product?

This is now exactly the same process as creating a regular membership product. Please note this membership only applies to those who already hold a full SNSW membership.

Please note: members can transfer clubs throughout the season, where an additional club fee may apply. Members who join with more than one club must choose which Primary Club they will choose to represent at any Interclub, Area and Swimming NSW events. Members are unable to compete for more than one club unless they undergo the full Transfer Process. The specific by-laws can be found on page 32 here, in Section 26.

Webinars and Videos

2023 Webinar – Getting the most out of Swim Central

This webinar took place on Wednesday 23rd August.
Click Here to access the recording.
Click Here to download the slide deck.

2022-2023 Registration Season Webinar

Run through Swim Central’s registration features before the 2022-2023 membership season. Learn about replacement products and how to use them.

State Forum – SNSW Membership Categories 2021-2022

Learn more about the recent changes to Swim Central in this webinar recording and presentation slides