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What is a public officer?

A public officer is both the official point of contact for an incorporated association and one of the authorised signatories.

Who can be a public officer?

A committee member, an ordinary member or a person outside the association may hold the position of public officer.

The public officer must be over 18 years of age and reside in New South Wales. An association’s incorporation may be cancelled if it does not have a public officer or if its public officer does not comply with these requirements.

What are the responsibilities of the public officer?

The public officer is responsible for:

  • notifying Fair Trading of any change in the association’s official address within 28 days
  • collecting all association documents from former committee members and delivering the documents to the new committee member
  • returning all association documents to a committee member within 14 days, upon vacating office
  • acting as the official contact for the association, including taking delivery of documents served on the association and bringing them to the attention of the committee as soon as practicable
  • custody of any documents as required by the constitution.

The contact enquiry email address that Clubs should send correspondence to NSW Fair Trading is:

If the Public Officer needs to contact NSW Fair trading the phone number is: 1800 502 042