The Child Safe Standards recommended by the Royal Commission provide a framework for making organisations safer for children. They have been accepted by the NSW government. Based on extensive research and consultation, the Standards provide tangible guidance for organisations to create cultures, adopt strategies and act to put the interests of children first, to keep them safe from harm.

Here’s how we’re implementing the Child Safe Standards at Swimming NSW, and we’ve also come up with a full guide that includes some examples of how you can begin to do this at your club. Click here for a word version you can customise for your own club’s implementation plan.

To go through our Child Safe Standards interactive workshop for clubs, watch our Zoom webinar here.

Presentation slides and a list of implementation ideas workshopped by fellow club committee members are also available.

A child safe culture is a set of values and practices that guide the attitudes and behaviour of all staff.
Good leaders champion these values and embed them in organisational governance. The following values should be at the heart of any approach that prioritises children’s safety:
• The best interests of children and their protection from harm is paramount.
• Child abuse is not tolerated and must not happen.
• Children’s rights are understood and respected.
• Concerns about child safety raised by children and their parents and carers are acted on.
• Reporting abuse is not obstructed or prevented.

Ten Child Safe Standards are listed.

For further information visit the Office of The Children’s Guardian.