Your club is covered for Public Liability and Management Liability Insurance when you pay your annual affiliation fee to Swimming NSW in April each year.

2023/2024 Club Affiliation Checklist

Your members are covered for Injury Insurance when they pay their yearly membership fee to Swimming NSW.

For all insurance related information and contact details, click here.

Your club’s and members’ insurance is brokered by the team at Marsh Sport. Swimming NSW and the Marsh Sport team are proud to be working with NSW Clubs and Areas since 2007.

For all insurance enquiries, including What’s Covered and any other specific questions, please contact Marsh Sport directly on 1300 130 373 or alternatively visit the Marsh Sport website.

Find out how to make a claim.

How to download your Certificate of Insurance

Step 1: Before you attempt to download your Club/Area Certificate of Currency, please ensure that your Club/Area has paid their Affiliation fees to Swimming NSW for the season. You will not be able to download the Club/Area Certificate of Currency if this has not been paid. If you are unsure of these payments, please contact

Step 2: Contact Swimming NSW admin at to obtain your clubs My Swimming ID

Step 3: Go to the Marsh website here and enter your club My Swimming ID

Note: You will be asked to complete a registration process after you log in to the Marsh website – this is normal and does not mean there are any issues with your Certificate. Follow the prompts through the registration process. Upon completion, you will be able to download your Certificate.