A Club Night is a mini swimming meet/carnival. Clubs have the option to run their Club Night manually or they may choose to use a software program such as Meet Manager and Team Manager and/or set up as a meet through Swim Central.

Clubs can set up their Club night using Swim Central by following this help guide.

They can upload results using Swim Central by following this help guide.

Accredited Referees and Starters are required to officiate at the Club night if it is set up as a qualifying meet with the results being uploaded to the National Results Database.

If the results are only for Club use then the Club may choose what their requirements are regarding Technical Officials (TOs). Club Nights can be the starting point for a pathway to TO Development as they can practise their skills before going on to an official meet. We have this handy guide to share with your club members to encourage them to get involved.


Encourage your members, parents and families to help out on Club Night with timekeeping, cooking the BBQ, assisting swimmers to marshalling and every other job no matter how small. Quite often people will become volunteers if they are asked to help out but are often too shy to offer. Acknowledgement and a simple “thank you” can make the difference if they volunteer again. Everyone likes to feel valued and the offer of training and development can lead the way to having a long term volunteer.

Self Marshalling

Click here for a document providing guidance on self marshalling, for any clubs interested in trialling it.