The role of Treasurer is to oversee the financial affairs of the Swimming Club. The treasurer is responsible for preparation of the budget, planning for the club’s financial future, and assisting other committee areas relating to finance.

It is important that the appointed Treasurer has the skills to assist in the area of financial management. It is a good idea to allocate this committee position to someone with appropriate training in this area.

The size of the Swimming Club will decide the volume and nature of the work the Treasurer will need to do. Larger clubs generally appoint a finance committee to assist the Treasurer.

Roles and Responsibilites

Typical responsibilities of a Treasurer may include: 

  • Issuing receipts and promptly depositing all monies received
  • Making all payments and keeping accurate up‐to‐date records of income and expenditure
  • To be the signatory on club cheques (with at least one other person)
  • Be responsible for the club’s petty cash
  • To invoice groups or members for rentals
  • Being fully informed about the financial position of the club at all times
  • To prepare budgets for the forthcoming year suggesting possible sources of income and expenditure
  • To present regular breakdowns of income and expenditure to the management committee
  • Preparing and presenting financial statements to committee meetings and for the annual report Investing surplus funds
  • To manage club investment programs
  • To negotiate with banks for loans, overdraft facilities and mortgages
  • Handling tax returns if applicable
  • To prepare annual financial accounts for auditing, and provide the auditor with information as required
  • To ensure annual returns and statement of accounts are filed with the Commission for Corporate Affairs


  • Experience with financial control and budgeting
  • Experience with fundraising
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Takes initiative
  • Self-motivated
  • Task-oriented
  • Organised and works well to deadlines