culturally diverse swimmers at a swim league event membership base

Membership is more than just a fee. The sport of swimming would not exist without the support of our members, so we must do all we can to attract and retain and reward our stakeholders. Creating a sense of belonging, a community of people and developing friendships for children and parents will ensure your club membership base is a happy and harmonious one. Being open and inclusive and attracting new members to our sport is a responsibility of a local swimming club.

Our current Swimming NSW memberships were carefully designed to better align with the ever-changing needs of families in our modern society.

In our Swimming NSW Membership Products and Fees 2022-2023 brochure you will find all the information you need regarding our upgraded range of membership products suited to our vast range of members, so you can utilise them to the best of your ability at your club this season.

In this section you will find:

Come and Try Events

Inclusion and Diversity

Junior Excellence Program

Marketing and Promotions