A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is a person appointed by Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW, Areas or Clubs as a contact point in relation to giving advice on how to best use the Safe Sport Framework (SSF) (for issues pre-June 2022) and the National Integrity Framework (any issues post-June 2022). All Swimming NSW Clubs and Areas are obligated to have a nominated MPIO.

MPIOs provide impartial information about SSF policies, processes and procedures to:

  • any person with a concern arising from an alleged breach, or
  • any person against whom there is an allegation of a breach.

MPIOs have no jurisdiction to determine the method of addressing a complaint, make a decision about, or impose any disciplinary measure.

MPIOs will make contact with the appropriate person/organisation designated to resolve the complaint and pass on pertinent information they have collected.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Training Part 1 – Online Learning

From the Play By The Rules website

The Member Protection Information Officer course is aimed at people seeking to become recognised MPIO officers in their State. The course contains 7 core modules.

The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • The MPIO Role
  • Complaint resolution procedures
  • Member Protection and the Law
  • Child Protection
  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • Ethical and Practical Considerations

The online course is run through the Sport Integrity Australia e-learning hub. Access the online course here.

Successful completion of this online course does not give you recognition as an MPIO.

For those people who wish to become recognised as an MPIO you will be required to attend a webinar run by the NSW Office of Sport in addition to completing this online course. See below to find out about upcoming webinars.

MPIO Part 2 – Webinar Component

To find an upcoming MPIO webinar, visit the NSW Office of Sport Training page.