Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW remain fully committed to the protection of children, young people and all members in our sport. All member associations, including states, areas, clubs, coaches, parents and swimmers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the six policies that make up the National Integrity Framework (NIF) below, and to prioritise safety and integrity at every swimming club and event.

The Swimming Australia NIF consists of six documents:

  • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy
  • Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
  • Member Protection Policy
  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
  • Swimming Australia National Integrity Framework
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

To learn more about the NIF, watch the following presentation delivered by Ana Croger, General Manager Legal and Business Affairs for Swimming Australia, as part of the 2022 Swimming NSW State Forum Webinar Series.

You can also view Ana’s presentation slides.

Call Swimming Australia immediately if you have any child protection concerns.

Lydia Dowse – Head of Integrity, Swimming Australia

Email: integrity@swimming.org.au or lydia.dowse@swimming.org.au
Phone: 03 9910 0723
Mobile: 0417 993 846

Other relevant contacts for making a complaint to an authority outside Swimming Australia are:

AIS: https://www.ais.gov.au/AISBe-Heard

Or Sport Integrity Australia: https://www.sportintegrity.gov.au/contact-us 

For more information on the National Integrity Framework, please visit the Swimming Australia website.