Club Committee members timekeeping at a regional pool in NSW

The majority of Swimming Clubs in NSW rely on volunteers to make up their committee. In this section we’ll help you run a more effective committee in less time.

People belong to Swimming Clubs because they want to.  They enjoy the activities of the Club, they believe in the goals and objectives of the Club or have their own personal achievements they wish to pursue through the club. In this way, every member has an interest in how the Club runs, whether it meets their needs, whether it is fairly and effectively administered and whether it is an environment for success, energy and achievement.

An effective committee provides a variety of services including;

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Event Organisation
  • Administration
  • Arrangement of coaching
  • Arrangement of Sponsorship proposals

In this section you will find……

Committee Meetings

Roles within the Committee

Handover Procedures