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The Club House is our online, digital club management and support guide to help swimming club committee members navigate the management of their club. This guide aims to be handy reference point and “one stop shop” for anyone involved in their swimming club. The journey to an Olympics or Paralympics, a New South Wales or Australian cap and every ‘PB’ begins at a club night somewhere in Australia. The contribution of everyone at a swimming club, from the president to the BBQ cook helps a young swimmer achieve these goals.

Josh Karp, General Manager Participation & Sport Development

"We want to make volunteering for your swimming club as easy as possible. We want The Club House to be a simple and easy to follow guide for all your club operations needs. We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for putting your hand up and being an integral part of our sport and community."

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Revised Sun Protection Guidelines
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Swimming NSW has a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and welfare of participants, volunteers,
and staff, at its swimming events. In doing so, risks that may affect participants must be identified,
assessed and eliminated or, if this is not possible, controlled.

By implementing best practice Sun Protection Guidelines, SNSW can help protect adults and children
from UV radiation and teach children good sun protection habits from an early age to reduce their risk.

These Guidelines aim to ensure all participants, officials and spectators are protected from the harmful
effects of the sun throughout the year, and that we provide a sporting environment that supports sun
safety and practices.

Here are the Swimming NSW guidelines in full.

Here is a resource for clubs to use to promote sun protection to your members.

Run a Swim League Gala Day at your club
Run a Swim League Gala Day

Swim League is not your traditional swim meet and is fun, fast and furious!

It’s a league of competition in the aquatic arena like you’ve never seen before!

Swim League is a fun and interactive aquatic event where athletes of all ages, abilities and experience can build their swimming skills, expand their social networks and achieve an active lifestyle without the pressure of achieving times. Swim the best you can for your team point score.

The points-based competition sees team players face off in a thrilling 60-minute contest via a combination of individual and team events, across both junior and senior divisions.

Run a Gala Day this summer

Consider adding a Swim League event to your club night schedule for a fun change to serious race nights. Joining with another nearby swimming club and having a ‘Swim League’ match is also a great way to add variety to your swimmer’s schedules.

We’ll assist with your registrations, team listings and event day programming, and can even help with merchandising and staffing.

Visit the Swim League website for further information HERE.

Why should clubs affiliate with Swimming NSW?
Affiliate with Swimming NSW affiliated club at Country Regionals

When you affiliate with Swimming NSW your club instantly becomes part of a network of over 350 clubs and 28,000 members in NSW.

Swimming NSW clubs are part of a massive support system provided by Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW staff and their local area committees. Being affiliated with Swimming NSW will afford your club a great reputation from the get-go.

People who seek to become members will know your club has high standards for child safety and club governance. Your social club members can take advantage of our grassroots membership program, or can progress along our athlete performance pathway if they’re more competitive.

You can also impress your members with your club website and invite your members to log in to their personalised member portal, provided for free by Swimming Australia.

Swimming NSW-affiliated clubs also enjoy the right to vote at our AGMs. This means you can have your say in driving the direction of the sport.

For more information on how to start up and incorporate your club, visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Want to know more before you affiliate? Learn about the benefits of affiliating with Swimming NSW.