Run a Swim League Gala Day at your club
Run a Swim League Gala Day

Swim League is not your traditional swim meet and is fun, fast and furious!

It’s a league of competition in the aquatic arena like you’ve never seen before!

Swim League is a fun and interactive aquatic event where athletes of all ages, abilities and experience can build their swimming skills, expand their social networks and achieve an active lifestyle without the pressure of achieving times. Swim the best you can for your team point score.

The points-based competition sees team players face off in a thrilling 60-minute contest via a combination of individual and team events, across both junior and senior divisions.

Run a Gala Day this summer

Consider adding a Swim League event to your club night schedule for a fun change to serious race nights. Joining with another nearby swimming club and having a ‘Swim League’ match is also a great way to add variety to your swimmer’s schedules.

We’ll assist with your registrations, team listings and event day programming, and can even help with merchandising and staffing.

Visit the Swim League website for further information HERE.